Let’s COREganize!

Montreal has a dedicated Burner community that will contribute a regional effigy in 2012.

The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) will be comprised of wooden sculptures created by regional communities around the world and will be placed in a ring around the Man during Burning Man 2012. CORE will culminate in a coordinated Burn on Thursday evening. The placement of these effigies in a circle around the Man suggest the progress of Burning Man culture—what started as a fire in the center has emanated out into many communities and “fires” around the world.

From Burning Man ORG: “CORE is meant to be a collaborative community project. We invite each regional group to work together on the concept and design of their effigy and on the fundraising, building, installation, and burn of their art piece. We ask that the effigy not be the work of just one or two local artists, but be a radically inclusive collaboration, open to all local Burners in your area who may wish to participate.”